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Sip your way to more rewards with Starbucks® Rewards

Easy access to your rewards—yes, free coffee

Stars will add up fast!

See your Stars add up and earn more drinks

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    Earn Stars

    So, what's new? Now, you'll earn Stars based on how much you spend. For every €1, collect 3 Stars.
    So many ⭐ you might need 🕶.

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    150 Stars

    Every 150 Stars, have a drink on us. That's us adding a little to your day.

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    450 Stars

    At 450 Stars, you've reached Gold Status. Gold members get extra shots of espresso, selected syrups and whipped cream - all on the house. And enjoy a birthday drink on us too!

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    Free birthday drink for Gold Members

    Enjoy a birthday drink on us when you reach Gold Level too, you deserve it!

Download the Starbucks® Ireland App

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Tap Tap Coffee

You have a phone, we have an app.

Use the Starbucks® Ireland app to pay and earn rewards – Stars will add up fast!


Download the app

Getting started is easy

The app is so, so easy
Manage your account, track your rewards and other useful stuff – all in the app.


We want to help in any way we can. You can ask your barista anytime or contact our customer care team here.