Positive Frames - Leeds

Image taken by Joshua, aged 13, during one of the photography sessions run by Positive Frames. Josh looked to catch the contrast in Leeds between the countryside and the international city centre.

The Positive Frames project gives young people training using digital photography techniques to capture images of their local area. Starbucks Youth Action gave the project a grant to acquire necessary equipment for the project in Chapeltown, Leeds.

  • Photography has been delivered by youth workers at the Prince Philip centre for over a year.
  • Starbucks Youth Action funding has helped young people learn how to set up and use digital SLR cameras.

Jonathan Addy, the support worker from the project said, "The group have now got the new Digital SLR camera, as well as the printer. These items are now being used by the young people to take images of the local area. In the short term we plan to organise a trip for the young people to Tropical World, Leeds to take photographs and practice what they have learnt about lighting."