Dream and Achieve - London

‘Dream and Achieve’ football tournament for young people in Wembley this summer.

The ‘Dream and Achieve’ project organises 7-a-side football during the summer for young people in Wembley, which was made possible by Starbucks Youth Action funding.

  • Melissa Powell was awarded a Starbucks Youth Action grant to cover the cost of running the tournament, which involved teams of young people playing 7-a-side football matches every Friday evening for 10 weeks over the summer.
  • With Starbucks support the number of participants could be increased from 8 teams to 12.
  • Funding also allowed the project to hire more space, provide refreshments and reduce participants fees.

Project Leader, Melissa Powell said, “This project was a dream that I wanted to achieve, by helping young people realise they have the potential to change their lives with positive people beside them. By creating this project has shown me the positive impact of hard work and determination through channelling our energies in the right direction of sport; it has made us all better people. Starbucks youth action grant has also helped us give young people an avenue for change and the reality that sustaining our purpose, dream and achieve will help to change the life of many.”

After visiting the project over the summer Barry Gardiner, MP for Brent North, said: “I wanted to say how pleased I am that Starbucks sponsored the event and how impressed I was with the work that Melissa had done.”