Bed Knobs and Celery Sticks - Leeds

Punit and Richard, two volunteers, help to put together the outdoor bedroom, which is the centerpiece of the Bed Knobs and Celery Sticks Programme.

The Bed Knobs and Celery Stick programme was awarded funds from Starbucks Youth Action to help create a garden, recycling materials into an outdoor bedroom to support plants.

  • The project is using recycled furniture to build an outside bedroom, which will be used as a basis to grow plants, flowers and food to stimulate the senses and attract wildlife.
  • The garden was built by Katie Parkes and other volunteers, including young adults some of whom have learning difficulties and mental health support needs.
  • The project promoted mental wellbeing through the inclusive physical work of gardening in an outside space.

Katie Parkes, who led the gardening projects said: “I am working with our young volunteers at the moment to build furniture, paint and varnish it and then choose and buy the plants to fill this space. This is going to give the young people in the garden group a chance to learn new skills, build their confidence, and take ownership for a part of the garden.”