Starbucks Youth Action

Apply by 4 March for Starbucks Youth Action 2013

This programme inspires, empowers and supports young people from across the UK and Ireland to make a difference in their communities by applying to Starbucks Youth Action for seed funding to get their projects off the ground. As well as supporting the young people to bring to life the projects that mean the most to them, we also offer training to young people on managing a budget, working with volunteers and project management. At the end of our second successful year we have supported over 100 youth-led projects in 10 cities in the UK and Ireland. Whether it is introducing bee-hives to an inner-city park in Manchester, tackling cyber-bullying in Cardiff or supporting cheerleaders in Kensington we are committed to supporting young people to make their communities better places to be.

  1. Bed Knobs and Celery Sticks - Leeds

    The Bed Knobs and Celery Stick programme was awarded funds from Starbucks Youth Action to help create a garden, recycling materials into an outdoor bedroom to support plants.

  2. City Year Project - London

    City Year was awarded a grant to build an outdoor reading hut for school children at Sebright Primary School in Hackney, east London, with support from Starbucks Youth Action.

  3. The Cutting Room - Manchester

    As part of the Starbucks Youth Action project in Manchester, The Cutting Room won funds so that members of the Middleton Popstars Academy can make their own quality costumes for performers in their music and dance shows.

  4. The Eye Youth Club - Bristol

    "The Eye Youth Club" was organised in Bristol to provide young people with a weekly evening of fun activities at a local youth club.

  5. Positive Frames - Leeds

    The Positive Frames project gives young people training using digital photography techniques to capture images of their local area.

  6. Dream and Achieve - London

    The ‘Dream and Achieve’ project organises 7-a-side football during the summer for young people in Wembley, which was made possible by Starbucks Youth Action funding.

Applications for Starbucks Youth Action 2013 are open now.

What you need to do: Check that you meet the eligibility criteria, are you 16-24 years old, and will your project operate within:
      • Greater London
      • Belfast
      • Birmingham
      • Bristol
      • Cardiff
      • Dublin
      • Edinburgh
      • Leeds
      • Manchester
      • Newcastle

To apply – either complete the online application form by following this link, Apply Online or download this application form and send it by 9am 4 March 2013 to

If you apply online you will have to complete a separate ‘Budget Sheet’ and attach when prompted, budget form can be found here.

Applications received on time will be acknowledged and applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. If you were funded in year one or two, we cannot support you again, but would love you to support your friends to apply!

First, take a look at the questions online. Think about your answers carefully before filling out the form. You can always draft your answers in a Word document and then when you are ready to submit, copy and paste your answers into the form.

  • Download or open the online version of the application form and click ‘open’
  • Complete the form with your answers. You must answer every question. If you cannot answer a question, put N/A.
  • Complete or attach budget form where prompted
  • Type in your email address and full name when prompted
  • It will prompt you to save your form – make sure you save it somewhere safe under Youth Action Application Form
  • Click ‘Submit Form’ or send your downloaded form in an email to

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your application shortly. If you have any problems completing the form, please contact Gary Brunskill on or 07872 415 351.

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