Good Neighbours

Our stores are often at the heart of the communities they serve.

Our partners mostly live locally and are part of the community themselves.  Therefore it is no surprise that store managers support local good causes which are important to the partners and the community.

One example is the team at Union Square in Aberdeen who recently won the annual Community Investment Award at the shopping centre.  The team won because all of the five stores in Aberdeen worked together to combine the impact they had for the local community.  Together, they participated in the McMillian Race for Life, raising nearly £2000, and they supporting an in-store collection for the Prince’s Trust.

More locally, the Union Street team welcomed Freshers to Aberdeen university into the store and did a presentation on Fair Trade coffee in a local primary school.

At the other end of the country, the store teams in Brighton have poured hours of time into the city.  Whether it is working with the fantastic Rocking Horse charity, where our partners volunteered to put a room together for teenagers who have residential stays in hospital or the Downs View school for children with special needs where partners brightened up the outside – gardening, painting and designing a mural to provide a safe outside space for children with special needs to explore, we are there to serve the community.  These are on-going relationships between the partners and these charities which live on for years.

A more recent relationship has been started by our new team at Shoreham who are providing refreshments at the local school’s Christmas Fayre to raise money for school funds.

And whilst fund-raising is important – sometimes schools just need some extra hands.  Our teams from the Soho district in London spent a September afternoon cleaning the playground, toys, bikes, sports hall and classrooms at the Soho Parish Primary School.  The team has a long-term relationship with school – and so it was easy to pop in and make a difference.

How can we help locally?

If you would like the store local to you to support your charity or group, there are lots of options:

  • Take a poster into the store and ask the team to put it on the community board to promote your organization and events
  • Speak to the store manager about your charity and how you think we might be able to support you
  • Ask the store manager if you could have your meetings in the store – we might be able to reserve you some space.

Please remember that there are lots and lots of charities who would love our support.  We simply cannot support you all – so bear with us if we have to say no.  Also, please note that we no longer accept collection tins in stores.