From the neighbourhoods where our stores are located to those where our coffee is grown, we are committed to creating and investing in opportunities for people around the world.

Bringing people together we are making a difference in people's lives – it's all part of being a good neighbour and a sustainable company. Starbucks, even as a public company, has always believed that we can balance profitability and a social conscience.

One of the most important contributions we can make is to provide meaningful skills, education and support in the communities our stores serve. Starbucks works directly with a number of charity’s that offers services aimed to meet the needs of that individual community. Starbucks donates 10 cent / 10 pence from every cup sold in the 1st of every month to local partnering Charity’s. This unique funding model creates a stream of resources for the charity organisation, raises awareness of their work, and creates a space for community dialogue and engagement.

  1. Irish Youth Foundation

    With 6 million 16-24 year olds in Ireland, and one million of whom are currently not in education, employment or training, our commitment to backing young people has never been more important.

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  2. Cancer Fund For Children
    Inspiring cancer communities and children

    We’re inspiring partners and customers alike to get involved in their communities. 

    Northern Ireland has the highest incidence of teenage and young adult cancer diagnosis of any region within the UK. On average 76 young people aged between 14-25 years old are diagnosed with cancer every year.  Stores across Northern Ireland have committed to their communities through innovative volunteer programs and fundraising efforts in stores to support these children and young adults.

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