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Starbucks proudly brings the coffee experience to you.

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You enjoy Starbucks in our stores and at home – so why not at work?
Whether in an office, a restaurant, a hotel, a hospital or college environment.

We have developed a wide variety of quality, “high street style” beverages to warm up your workplace.

You could “Proudly Serve” Starbucks Coffee at work

The Business Alliance Programme works with Food Service Providers, Hotels, Restaurants, Corporate Cafeterias and other businesses to:

•         Serve the world’s premier brand of Coffee to their customers
•         Make delicious espresso-based beverages
•         Add flavoured syrups
•         Offer coffee related biscuits and confectionery
•         Support with a premium tea brand - Tazo® tea
•         Provide a source of revenue generation

Office Coffee Programmes:

•   Coffee brewing and state-of-the-art espresso machinery and milk steaming equipment
•   A full range of cups and condiments with the Starbucks “We Proudly Serve” branding
•   Special marketing materials including signage
•   On going, on site support and training.
•   A dedicated Customer Service and Operations team with supply and maintenance systems

Starbucks Business Alliances provides our customers with a custom Starbucks coffee programme which is tailored to the business partner. A consultative relationship based on proven success, industry expertise and an overall commitment to quality. It’s a commitment that begins with our selection of the finest coffee beans and doesn’t end until the customer savours the world’s finest cup of coffee.

Our dedicated team offer support across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Our aim is to bring the finest quality coffee to where it’s convenient to our customers.

To enquire about a potential Business Alliance or if you would like to discuss establishing a relationship with us, please contact us on 020 883 45100 or email us at mailto: